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Research Opportunities

The Australian Alps are recognised as one of the world’s major biodiversity hotspots and critically vulnerable to climate change. Alpine plant communities are already showing signs of climate stress, are under threat from exotic pest plants and animals, and are recovering from a legacy of stock grazing. As a result, large areas of alpine environments require ongoing restoration works across National Parks and Alpine Resorts. 

There is urgent need for progressive management strategies to maximise restoration success through consideration of future soil water availability, plant thermal tolerances, and the adaptability of functionally important plant species. To bolster the resilience of alpine landscapes under climate change; we must understand the interactions between the physical and biological processes underpinning the health of alpine environments and adaptability of alpine plant communities.

Future Students

If you’re thinking about Honours, Masters or a PhD in community plant ecology, plant recruitment dynamics, vegetation patterns across environmental gradients or snow ecology, please contact Susanna or an interest in altered fire regimes impacting recruitment processes in biodiverse heathy woodland systems please contact Tricia.

We support students who are keen to work in the field, have a passion for natural landscapes and their conservation and who want to develop their science writing and analytical skills.

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